Welcome to Primo Dramma

Since 2003 we have been working with young children, in schools and kindergartens, delivering an amazing drama programme called the Helen O’Grady Drama System. Over the years, we have seen how the programme successfully improves childrens’ confidence, skills in communication, and their creativity. Seeing the value that drama adds to a child’s life, we were motivated to find another unique programme, one that caters to nursery-age children. In 2015, we introduced Pyjama Drama UK to Malaysia, their first venture in Asia.
As Primo Dramma, we are also excited to be the first drama provider to be approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.


  • To offer drama programmes that have been tested and proven to develop children’s confidence and communication skills.
  • To gain support in curriculum development and teacher training from our International Partners.
  • To offer drama programmes with affordable fees so that children from all walks of life can benefit.
  • To work towards making every drama experience a wonderful and creative one. Weekly classes must be fun!
  • Above all, we believe that every child is a STAR!!